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By partnering directly with practitioners who are using our research and resources to advance their work, we gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to put evidence into practice – and can help make faster, more lasting impact in schools. 

At the core of all of our partnerships is a belief that by creating spaces for practitioners and researchers to collaborate regularly and meaningfully, policies and practices will be more regularly grounded in what works and research will be increasingly grounded in practitioner questions and needs.

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Current Partnerships

Rhode Island Research-to-Practice Network

Our Rhode Island Research-to-Practice Network brings together local education leaders to connect with, and learn from, one another on how to implement, assess, and improve evidence-based programming in their schools and districts. As we work with leading researchers to summarize and synthesize the evidence-base on key topics, we also want to ensure that this research is accessible and easy to apply. 

One Rhode Island district leader noted, “The learning and knowledge district leadership gained from participating in work with EdResearch allowed for the district to quickly and effectively partner with a wide array of community based organizations to create a summer learning program that was innovative and engaging.”

Supporting districts to implement and assess programming, allows us to test evidence-based recommendations. Our work on topics such as tutoring, summer learning, and teacher wellbeing with leaders in Rhode Island helps us develop practice-based evidence that reflects emerging needs and ongoing learning

Rennie Center for Education Policy Research, Massachusetts

In 2022, Massachusetts’ district leaders – facing new initiative fatigue and the challenging task of prioritizing among many needs – told the Rennie Center that they needed a way to use evidence to improve their existing programs and prioritize their efforts to become more evidence-aligned. 

As one leader shared, “I don’t want to create a brand new summer learning program that’s aligned with research. I want to understand what our district needs to do to strengthen the program we already have.” 

Out of this collaboration, EdResearch for Action, the Rennie Center and DeliverEd partnered to create the EdResearch Act on Evidence Tool, a resource based on EdResearch for Action briefs and tailor-made to address practitioners’ need to understand and improve their existing programs’ alignment with evidence. Today, districts in Massachusetts are using the Act on Evidence Tool to improve student and educator support, opportunity and outcomes. 

“We’ve had a lot of initiative fatigue. We don’t usually stick with anything long enough to see it work,” one  educator said about using the tool. “This was different because we’re trying to improve what we already have.”

EdResearch Writers Fellowship

About the Fellowship

The EdResearch Writers Fellowship is a first-of-its-kind program that aims to help education researchers better communicate their research to a practitioner audience, increasing the reach and impact of their work. Carrie Conaway, senior lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education, directs the fellowship program. The inaugural cohort consists of 11 fellows whose research in K-12 education spans a variety of topics, from the educational impact of health policies to school discipline and policing to college readiness. 

By the end of the fellowship, fellows will produce a draft of a feature article for submission to a general audience publication, plus either an op-ed or a pitch for a second feature article, book, or other similar product.

Meet our inaugural cohort of Fellows and Writers Coaches here.

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