Rachael Grech-Scott

Rachael Grech-Scott

Rachael Grech-Scott epitomizes the essence of teaching excellence, drawing from her rich and diverse experience spanning 17 years in the field of education. From molding the minds of middle schoolers in English Language Arts to nurturing the unique talents of highly gifted 4th graders at a magnet charter school, Rachael’s teaching journey has been marked by a profound commitment to student success and academic growth.

As a classroom teacher, Rachael was renowned for her innovative approach to instruction, creating dynamic learning environments where every student could thrive. Through engaging text and project-based learning, she ignited a passion for learning, empowering her students to explore, question, and discover.

Her dedication to educational equity led her to embrace the challenge of teaching gifted students in an urban Cleveland school. Here, Rachael’s expertise in differentiation and personalized instruction enabled her to unlock the full potential of her students, fostering a culture of excellence and achievement.

Today, as an International Baccalaureate coordinator at an urban public school in Cleveland, Ohio, Rachael leverages her extensive teaching experience to shape and enhance educational programs on a broader scale. Her invaluable insights into effective pedagogy and curriculum development have been instrumental in leading the school towards authorization in the Primary Years Program and candidacy in the Middle Years Program.

Through her unwavering dedication to teaching and learning, Rachael Grech-Scott continues to inspire and empower students and educators alike, leaving an indelible mark on the field of education. In her spare time, Rachael enjoys reading fantasy books to discuss with her husband and 2 teenage stepsons, walking her 3 dogs, and traveling around Ohio, the country, and the world.